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The sardine

Our seine sardine has been exported worldwide and across Europe for many years. Our determination never to compromise on the freshness of our sardines makes us a renowned specialist for the quality of our products.

In direct and ongoing contact with Breton fishermen, our sourcing experts have forged close links with boats for transactions without intermediaries.

Our fresh sardines, caught by night, are kept in ice-water tanks on board until being landed.
24 to 36 hours maximum suffice for you to enjoy a freshly caught sardine.

Sardine fillet

With nearly 600 tons of sardines deliveredeach year, we decided to invest in a filleting machine to bring you the best sardines at the best price.
We are equipped with a VMK type filleting machine to process this high-quality raw material into ready-to-serve double fillets for your customers.

MSC certified fishing

We chose to label our sardine to preserve the marine environment. We opted for a sustainable fishing which allows you to appreciate the flavours of the sea. Our sardines have the MSC label, as they are fished using a seine technique and an encircling net.