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Pêcheries Celtiques in the Gault Millau, mareyeur de Bretagne

freshness, quality and quantity.

Stiven and Lisa run the family business that their parents Bruno and Chantal Gaonarch, fish merchants, founded in 1990. Almost thirty years later, 25 people work at the quotient to offer “hand-sewn” fish to customers, wholesalers, fishmongers and restaurateurs.

“We provide as much St. Pierre or turbo for beautiful starred restaurants as anchovies or sardines for customers looking for more accessible fish,” says Stiven, head of this human-sized company, well known in Concarneau.

Flexible and very responsive, it has developed in line with this business, which does not compromise on hygiene and ultra-fresh products. The red (fishing) line of the house has always remained the same: quality of service and à la carte services. Stiven buys his fish from all the Breton auctions, favouring inshore fishing and boats that spend only two or three days at sea. The fish is then processed in the workshops where it is sorted, graded, portioned and packaged for shipment throughout France, Europe, the Middle East and soon Asia.

Workshops of 800 m2 where trained and serious staff see more than 1200 tons of fish per year pass through their hands! 

Sensitized to responsible fishing for all blue fish (horse mackerel, mackerel, sardines, anchovies…) and certified MSC as well as the fishermen with whom he collaborates, the professional insists on cutting by hand all the fillets he sends to his customers. 

Because know-how and experience are at the heart of the activity of Celtic Fisheries, here we know how to reconcile freshness, quality and quantity.